Lightworkers, Life Coaches, Counselors, & Enthusiasts

Learn the secret art of how to interpret a lip print reading based on the anatomy and energy of a kiss to build a profitable business.


A practicum and safe environment to share and experience your intuitive superpowers. Private Facebook memberships to play in.


A clear map of how, when and why you say and do the things you do. Learn about "Ancestry DNA" and the triggers that affect your life.


Receive your custom tool-belt to accept, change, or remove blocks leading to the life you have always dreamed of.

the value doesn't stop there, you'll also Receive

We Offer A Full Suite Of Courses

Start From the Beginning

Kiss Whispers 101


What is the magic that is hidden behind a KISS? In this course you will discover what kind of lessons you can learn from a kiss, as well as some of the basic forensics you will need to interpret those messages.

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Delve into the MAgic

Kiss Whispers 201


Discover more of the KISS's power! In this course you will learn the more in-depth secrets about kiss print reading, as well as other modalities that compliment this format.

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From Hobby to Business

Whispers 301


Want to learn how to turn kiss print reading into a business? Then this course is for you! Here you will learn not only how to monetize this modality, but how to build your business as well! From logos to websites, our instructors will assist you every step of the way.

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Presenting the Secrets

Psychic Storytelling 101


Have a bit of stage fright or feel like your presentation is boring? Then we have the course for you! In this course we will teach you how to use storytelling methods to keep the readee engaged.

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Ready to Kiss & Tell?

Kiss Whisper Academy All-in-One


Are you ready to commit to the power of the KISS? With this package, you will receive access to all of our "Kiss Whisper" courses. This will give you everything you need to start out as a kiss print reader.

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REady for what the Future holds?

Kiss Whisperer for Life


If you want all of our insights, then look no further! This lifetime package gives you access to every course we make, forever. This package is limited, however, so click that learn more button to take advantage of all we have to offer.

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How do We Do this?



Does your brand accurately represent you? We help you ensure that your branding is right on track, leading you to the most successful outcome.



How well does your brand land with your intended audience? We help you with the various ways you can expand the visibility of your company, from websites to video to speaking.



Are you ready for your launchpad? We can assist you in spreading your message farther than you can imagine, through publishing services to podcast building.



Are you ready to scale? We are here to give you guidance in how to expand your reach to the edges of the world. Let's find your ideal clients.


Here is our why:

As a little girl, Dr. Miranda felt shy and unlovable. The camera told her so. Growing up as a ward of the court, she was placed in numerous foster homes. With the hope of finding a family, every home had one thing in common: Dr. Miranda was not included in the holiday photo. Today, Dr. Miranda created her own spotlight in the boardroom of several successful organizations and discovered a passion to assist those find brilliance. Thus, the creation of Miranda’s Creatives, LLC. The company with a heart for soulpreneurs.

We navigate through a KISS to help us pinpoint the missing gaps that so easily plague individuals while traveling the road of life. By choosing us, you will have the blueprint to guide clients at any level.

MIRANDA’S CREATIVES, LLC brings together expertise for strategic planning, communications, and content development coupled with business acumen and coaching for on-camera and media success. We also offer publishing services to help you expand the reach of your story. All to the benefit of our charity of choice, Circle of Helping Hands (COHH) 501(c)(3).

Our strategic allies bring experience from advertising and marketing, education and personal development, video and audio production, writing, and editing across a variety of industries to provide complete service from concept to creation to execution. We align internal forces to create impact community-wide. Miranda’s Creatives, LLC will design and execute a powerful communication with clarity, consistency, and care.

OUR MISSION: We assist companies and individuals to increase impact with laser-focused on-target messaging, video storytelling, compelling content, poised presentations, and heartfelt imagery.

Imagine what life will be like when you discover the magic of the kiss!

“When I met Miranda I knew there was something really special about her."

We connected right away and she saw things in me that I didn’t know anyone could see. We have become great friends. She’s a great spiritual advisor and I really cherish the gift that she was given, she has helped me so much!

-Garcelle Beauvais | Actor & Author


JakinDee Kosaka | Career Coach

"Dr. Miranda and her team help you put your best foot foward and shine!" 




Why should I care about branding?

Branding is the digitization of your reputation. A good brand, which communicates a clear story, changes the perception of your business for the better in the eyes of everyone, from your clients to your employees to even yourself.

Do I need to brand for my company or myself?

That strongly depend on whether the brand centers around you. If you are a doctor, life coach, speaker, or any other business that is centered around you, then you ARE the brand, and you need to focus on your personal brand. Otherwise, you should focus on the branding for the business and keep it separate.

How does this work?

You will begin with a short and fun quiz that allows you to see the gaps in your brand. This is followed by a self-assessment of who you are, what your company is, your mission, your value proposition, and who your clientele is.


Why should I care about landing?

It's how you present yourself and share your story so that potential clients understands what your brand is about and how you can help them. Without this information, they have no incentive to choose your company.

Do I really need all of this to be successful?

YES, unless you want to be waiting for your phone to ring and all of your business is referral only. Preparing your branding, landing, and launching improves not only your visibility, but the understanding of your brand.

How do I land on my launchpad?

By ensuring that you have materials that display your brand and what your mission is clearly, from videos to print collateral to your website and more. The best way to ensure this is by by hiring an agency such as Media PRO & More and Miranda's Creatives to get everything in line and ready to launch.


Why should I spend time and money on proper launching?

Unless your message gets out to your customers, you will never get hired by your preferred clientele. A proper launch helps cement your company in the minds of potential clients and makes you stand out from and above the crowd.

Hiring an agency like Miranda's Creatives helps you prepare for the best possible launch, as they can assist you in ensuring you have everything you need and that you blow the competition out of the water.

How do I know if I am ready to launch?

If you are unsure if you are ready to launch, then take our business self-assesment quiz below. It will help you determine not only whether you are ready to launch, but also help you find the gaps in your business and branding.

How do I launch successfully?

A launch is successful when you have all of the pieces gathered and ready to go. You have your branding, your emails, your messaging, your website, your graphics, your videos....

It can be a lot to manage, but hiring an agency like Miranda's Creatives can help you get a leg up on this important step.

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Miranda’s dynamic workshops offers insight, practicum and storytelling with “Let’s Talk About Your Kiss” tongue in cheek humor, authentic messages from her mother and daughter (trifecta) to encourage everyone to participate, be deliberate, and set intentions to “Read a Kiss”!

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